Travelling in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

All the useful information if you are travelling to Croatia or Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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Important general information for Belgians travelling to Croatia

  • Since 1st January 2023, Croatia is member of the Schengen area. Therefore, border control at borders between Croatia and Slovenia and between Croatia and Hungary are abolished as well as the border control at the airports for travel within the Schengen zone. However Belgian travellers (adults and children) should always carry a valid travel document (passport or id-card) to travel in Croatia.
  • Belgian tourists are encouraged to register themselves on the following website before travelling: TravellersOnline
  • Attention : Belgians who reported a lost ID before travelling but, in the meanwhile, found it again, are recommended to apply for a new ID because the old one may stay signalled as ‘lost’ and you could find yourself blocked at the border.
  • In case you’ve forgotten or lost your travel document (or it was stolen) and you are on Slovenian territory (including on the Croatian border but still on Slovenian territory), please contact our honorary consulat in Ljubljana or Embassy in Vienna
  • In case you’ve forgotten or lost your travel document (or it was stolen) and you are on Croatian territory, please contact the Embassy in Zagreb or one of our honorary consuls according to your location in Croatia.
  • Since 1st January 2023, the Euro is the national currency in Croatia.
  • There is free movement of goods within the EU, including in Croatia.
  • If you travel with pets (dogs, cats or ferrets), European Union legislation is also valid in Croatia: your pet should be micro-chipped and have a valid European Pet Passport. 

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Contact details for Belgians in distress

For urgent cases (accidents, lost/stolen documents, etc. - no visas!) after working hours and during weekends, Belgians can reach the Embassy in Zagreb via the emergency number +385 98 203 044 (please call between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.).

Travellers Online

No country is completely safe from crisis, attacks, or accidents. Register your trip on Travellers Online. This will make it easier for the FPS Foreign Affairs to inform and support you. Your details will always remain confidential.


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